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Meaning of cutting the Wedding Cake..

These days, the tradition of cutting the cake as a couple is ever more popular. ... Once the cake has been cut, the groom will feed his bride, and then the bride will go second. This ritual symbolizes their commitment to provide for each other, and contains the meaning of good luck and fortune. 

The Meaning of White

Wedding cakes started with the color of white because brides back in the early days, symbolized purity, gentleness, innocence, softness, and virginity. The cake and the color it had, represented the bride’s purity. One challenge for bakers during the Victorian period was that they were limited with their creation of the icing since icing requires fine sugar and they did not have the proper equipment to do much yet. So, back in those days, it was known that the whiter the icing on the cake was, the wealthier the family was.

Stacking of the Cake

Even before, cakes were stacked up in large to small layers. The tradition of stacking of the cake represented fertility. Couples would stack as many layers as they could as this symbolized the number of children that they would have. These days, the stacks just represent style. The higher the stacks are, the glamorous they become.